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I wish i was alittle bit taller, i wish i was a baller, i was i had a girl that looked nice i would call her.

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Get over yourself. Your lifes not that bad. Your so freaking over emotional over everthing. Like chill the freak out and get over.

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Which part of your body do you like the most?

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We aren’t the girls who get 42 ‘likes’ on our Facebook pictures, we aren’t the girls that act dumb to get the guys, or that wear shorts with our asses hanging out. We care more about music than popularity. We are the girls who have laughing fits without worrying if our faces look weird, we are the girls who genuinely care about how you are, we are the girls who don’t make a big deal of what you said 2 years ago, we’re the girls who care more about being nice than who thinks that we’re ‘hot’, we are the girls who can be quiet and often overlooked, but I guarantee we are the girls you’d rather be with.

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